CHill Concepts is a full service website development and design agency located in Jacksonville Beach Florida. Only a handful of our clients are located locally. Our other clients are based as far away as California, New Mexico, Canada, etc. Well, you get the idea. We provide great service no matter where you are.

CHill Concepts, LLC was founded by Cindy Hill, now Cindy McLean. She started out building websites for friends back in the 90s. By 2007 it became clear that this was now a full time endeavor and CHill Concepts, LLC was formed. Cindy has a background in IT, having achieved her M.S. in Computer Science and Technology from Virginia Tech. She worked in the industry for 20 years before setting out on her own.

  • Deadlines

    CHill Concepts takes the time to get a complete understanding of your project scope and needs. With that information, we are able to estimate a deadline for your project. We meet or beat deadlines on nearly 100% of our projects.

  • Budget / Estimate

    Once the scope has been defined, a detailed estimate is provided you. You are guaranteed your project will be delivered within budget. If you request changes during the development process, a revised estimate will be sent to you for your approval for that work.

  • Communication

    We make it our business to keep you informed. If we are developing a website for you you will receive regular updates, and will be able to track our progress through a private development portal. For any needs as our clients, we are available by phone at 904-477-6897 or by email at